DDR Race Series – Velocidrone Competition

With the help of our awesome friends and pilots we are excited to bring you the DDR Race Series 2021/2022!

Each month a new track releases, you have the whole month to set your best times. At the end of the month the best pilot wins awesome prizes. A pilot can only win a monthly prize once so everybody has more chances to win.

We finish the event off with a thrilling live stream final where the 16 best pilots will compete for a full-build SniperX Light 5” racing drone, frames, parts, gear and awesome goodies.

Short sum up:

  • 3-Lap Single Class
  • SniperX frame Spec Race
  • Monthly new track and winner
  • 16 best pilots over all 6 months attend at the live stream finals
  • You have to sign up to attend at: dutchdroneracing.nl/raceseries
  • Rules and more info at the web page.

The first track (December) is online in Velocidrone now! This track is designed by @SniperX_NL. You have until the end of this month to set your best time!

December prize pot:
1x 2-pack LiPo Strap (1x Dogcom LiPo strap, 1x DDR Slim)
2x SpeedyPizzaDrones Beer
1x TBS Coaster
1x Ummagrip TBS Edition
5x 51466 V2
1x Droneshop.nl Cap
1x Droneshop.nl Keychain
1x Dogcom Sticker Sheet


Special thanks to Dutch Drone Racing friends:

@TeamBlacksheep @Sniperframes @droneshop.nl @foxeer @gemfanhobby @dogcom @speedypizzadrones @tmotorfpv @birrabarbanera @filthyrichfutures @sequre_soldering_iron

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